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This sharpshooter is a non-conformist who threw conventional living out the window... you will love her stunning shots... many expertly captured from a drone.

Amber L Hall Photography - if you aren't familiar with this work, you'd better take a look! Amber photography captures nature in its purest form with a creative twist to make it a standout art work. She ahs the ability to make the simplest landscape 'pop'... she is passionate about our natural environment, which gives her work feeling and soul...

...simply breathtaking... stunning... I have sent Amber's Awesome Urbenville book to friends... in the UK. I had struggled to find words to describe the beauty here, but when I saw Amber's work, I realised I didn't need words.

The fabulous Amber Hall has sprinkled her pixie dust over the village of Urbenville and shown us some magical images... Lucky for me I have the Awesome Urbenville photo essay book and two prints...
Beautiful photography!
When your challenge is to enjoy the journey rather than to reach a destination, expect Amber L Hall Photography to be your quality guide.
With her car and caravan, collection of cameras, and Kodah the wonder dog Amber will take you to places rarely visited. From the grandeur of the landscape captured in stunning vistas, to the microcosm of life in a drop of water, taking the journey with Amber is to see life, and to live your dreams.
Like her work, buy her prints, and enjoy travelling with Amber.

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